What Happens When Casino Promotions & Security Departments Don’t Communicate

When Casino Promotions & Security Departments Don’t CommunicateCasinos often used promotional offers as a way of enticing players to come back to their establishments. What would happen when the promotions department does not consult with security before mailing these materials? This hypothetical situation came to fruition in a casino in America.

Persona Non Grata

Jackie Harrison was banned from the premises of the Horseshoe Casino in Ohio. Mr. Harrison became a tad bit too vocal in his protesting the manner the casino handled a previous matter. The result of this was that he was banned from the property.

The Post Office Gives

Imagine his chagrin when four weeks later he opens his mail to see vouchers for free plays from this same casino. Assuming that his banishment was repealed, he decided to again frequent the establishment to claim these offers.

Green for Go

Upon entering the casino, he goes to the customer service station. He informs them of the ban and show them his mail. He inquires about his status. After a background check, his name came back as clear. There were no red flags or black marks denoting that he could not play. The representative gave him a players card with the funds transferred onto it.

The Casino Takes Away

Mr. Harrison was going on his merry way. Two hours into his stay, this peaceful scenario was to end. Security noticed him and proceeded to escort him out of the building. The patron expressed his innocence by stating that the casino had invited him and cleared him of any wrong doing. This plea fell on deaf ears.

Authorities Called

What happened next escalated the matter. Security decided to call the authorities. They arrived and placed him under arrest for criminal trespass. Mr. Harrison is convinced that this arrest all stemmed from a vendetta over the original incident.

His case is soon to be placed before the judge. His charge carries a maximum term of incarceration of 30 days. The lesson to be learned is that if you have ever been banned from an establishment to call the place of business ahead of time. A consultation with the security department would have been prudent in this and all future matters. Promotional offers are usually a good thing for both the casino and the patron. This case is the exception to that rule it seems.

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