Michael Jackson’s King Of Pop Pays Out $1.8M Jackpot

King of Pop slot, pays out!Veterans of slot machines all over the world are rejoicing over an astounding payout on September 17. A whopping $1.8 million dollar progressive jackpot was struck in a Canadian casino. The machine in play was the Michael Jackson’s King of Pop slot machine. The recipient was playing at the Fallsview Casino which is located in Niagara Falls.

Kathryn Stokes is the lucky lady who walked away with this mammoth windfall. She was visiting the casino for only the second time. Hailing from Caledon, Ontario, Kathryn decided to visit Fallsview again in the company of a friend. During her previous visit she had played the machine that paid off this time. There was a line to play but her patience was soon to be paid off. Once a seat became available, she put her $40 dollars in and let the action commence.

Attrition was soon eroding her bankroll. The play was entertaining but she was down to her last ten dollars in credits on the machine. At that moment, she hit the button again and a moment evolved that she was soon not to forget. The machine lit up and loud bells went off alerting staff. In her mind, she thought she had won $1,800. This was a mistake as she actually hit the progress for over 1.8 million.

So how does the newest slot millionaire spend her winnings? Immediately her and her husband bought a new truck. As for the rest of it, reality is waiting to sink in. This is life changing money. The magnitude has yet to be fully appreciated.

Art Frank whose role is president chimed in, “The thrill of playing a slot machine is that you just never know how the next spin will settle out. Today was clearly Ms. Stokes lucky day.” Truer words have never been spoken. Casino gaming and entertainment is an integral past time for people all over the world. Most patrons harbor the hopes of walking in the doors, plunking down their money, and winning the big one. The popularity of progressive jackpots is built on this. Kathryn Stokes is just the latest of the dream seekers to see her hopes turn into reality.

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