Why Betting On Boxing Is A Pretty Great Idea

Usually the casino has a true advantage over the player: it’s called the house edge. This means that there’s no real way to beat the casino in the long run if you are a regular player. The house edge is sitting in every spin of the Roulette wheel, it’s hiding in the mechanism of the slot machines and on the felt of the Craps table. There’s no casino game where the casino doesn’t have an advantage over the player. The true odds of winning a bet are always slightly larger than the odds you are paid out, so even at a seemingly fair and simple game like Roulette, you will be paid out 35 to 1 on a single-number bet when the actual odds of landing on that number is 38 to one.So boxing is better to bet on? In a word, yes. Because humans are not subject to pure mathematical probability, they act in unpredictable ways (mathematically speaking) that can paradoxically be very predictable (from a human point of view). There’s nothing quite like betting on an underdog and seeing his victory through a big pile of cash. The one thingĀ  that the player has over the house (in this case the bookies or Ladbrokes type establishments) is that the bookie must know a huge variety of different bets whereas you can focus on the outcome of one game and research it in a way that is impossible for a bookie to replicate. The sports fan will always have the advantage because when you’re passionate about something you know it inside out, giving you the perfect opportunity to win when you bet on boxing or something similar, rather than when you’re playing at a casino. That’s the big difference between winning now and winning over the long run.

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