How Casinos Rip Off Bettors With Single Deck Blackjack

Players are accustomed to blackjack dealers who use a six deck shoe. The shoe is an auto-shuffle device that is employed to throw off card counters. Card counting is the practice of giving plusses or minuses to an overall sum derived from the remaining number of cards and their values. For casual players, the shoe is merely a facet of the game. For more advanced players, it represents a hurdle that enables more losses than wins.

single deck blackjack

A few years ago, many casinos reintroduced single deck blackjack. The game is played with a single deck shoe minus, as usual, the Joker. Inexperienced and veteran players alike gravitate towards single deck blackjack like birds to seed. That is exactly what casinos want. Most players don’t check the payout odds at first, and when they do ask, they still won’t move because they believe their chances are better with a single deck.

Here’s the problem with all of that. None of those tables feature favourable 3:2 odds. They feature 6:5 odds. With 3:2 odds, if a player bets ten and hits blackjack or 21, they get fifteen. With 6:5 odds, they only get twelve back. Those odds allow the casino to snatch away lots of money without the player’s notice. If that doesn’t sound unreasonable, factor in seven such hands and many dozens of bettors over the course of a standard evening and that’s a lot of money sprouting wings!

Trying to play around 6:5 odds by doubling down or buying insurance — the dealers love to offer it — per bet is also disastrous in long term play. Both are simply loopholes that allow casinos to suck money like a vacuum cleaner. Insurance simply brings in a number card x-factor that supposedly guarantees a certain amount won whether the dealer produces higher or lower than, say, a 10. The win is typically a paltry amount and only players who lack confidence buy the insurance.

Doubling down is recommended by dealers as a way to make money in mid-play against 6:5 odds. The downside is the bettor can win double, or lose double his or her bet. However, over the course of many plays, average profit gained will almost certainly net under fifty or even forty percent. It’s not as bad as buying insurance but still not as good as playing multi-deck blackjack with 3:2 odds.

Mobile Gaming Is Making Slots More Fun To Play

Online gaming has become increasingly popular over the past several years. With every year that passes, more casinos, online area the online casino industry is anticipating a significant rise in mobile gaming over the next five years, as a study from Juniper research has recently revealed.

Mobile betting

Mobile gamblers are anticipated to spend approximately $100 billion annually on all of their favorite casino games by 2017.

Mobile betting has been on the rise and will continue to do so as multiple online casinos decide to offer their games in a mobile format. While most of the online casinos are focusing on the iOS and Android operating systems, there are some also working on Windows and BlackBerry formats as well.

The increase in smartphone and tablet technology has allowed online gambling to take this step. People want to do more on their smart phones and tablets and it is only a natural progression to offer gambling as well.

Game developers used to be limited to what casinos would carry. Now, the Internet has allowed them to explore new opportunities. The mobile format of slots is allowing game developers to take an even larger step because of being able to put their slot machine games literally into the hands of gamblers.

Many gambling establishments have already started utilizing iPhone and Android apps. Bally is one of the major gambling companies that has been able to compete over the years in all aspects – land casinos, online casinos and now mobile gaming.

Gamblers who want to participate in mobile gaming now simply have to download an app. In most instances, they will download an app for the online casino that they are ready signed up with. This gives them access to their pool of money as well as all of the games that they have grown familiar with Erie it others who have never dabbled with the online gaming are now drawn to mobile gaming because they have access to it 24/7.

Especially with more Wi-Fi locations around the globe, people do not have to eat into their minutes for their data plans in order to spin the reels a few times in order to test their luck. Gambling can take place at any time, anywhere thanks to the mobile formats that more and more casinos are offering and that more and more game developers are playing to. Slots are taking on a whole new look.

Beginner’s Black Jack; Hit the Table with Confidence

blackjackIf you’ve ever been to the casino and wished you could slip confidently into a seat at the blackjack table, now is the time to learn the game. It can seem slightly intimidating but it’s a simple game once you understand what’s going on with betting and the cards.

  • When you take a seat at the table, you’ll see a square or a circle on the table directly in front of you. This is where you’ll place the bet in play. It’s best to start out small until you get the hang of the game.
  • The dealer will give you two cards and will deal two cards to himself. Both of your cards will be face down so nobody else can see what you have. In Blackjack, you’re trying to get to 21 without going over. Each face card is worth 10 points. Any card lower than 10 is worth the amount of the card, and aces are worth 11 points or 1 point depending on what you’d like it to be worth.
  • You’re playing your hand against the dealer not the other players at the table. One of the dealer’s cards will be face up and the other face down. You’ll have a slight advantage because you can see at least one of the cards, although it can be deceiving. If a face card is showing, you might guess incorrectly that the under card is a high one.
  • After looking at your cards, you have decisions to make. You can take another card, which is called a hit, or you can stay or stand, which means you don’t want another card. You can take as many cards as you want. At any point that you go over 21, you automatically lose.
  • Once you stay or stand, the dealer will flip over his card.
  • If the dealer has 16 or less, he has to take a hit. If he has 17 or higher, he has to stay. These are the rules of Black Jack. If you tie or push, you keep your money, but you don’t win anything. If you go over 21, you lose your chips even if the dealer goes bust as well.
  • If you have two cards with the same number, you can make two hands. You have to double your bet too. This means that you could lose twice as much money in a single hand. You don’t have to split the cards unless you have aces. In this case, you should always split the cards since you’ll have a chance to hit black jack immediately. A face card or a 10 along with an ace pay at a higher rate.
  • After the initial card deal, you can double down, which means you can take one more card in the hopes of hitting close to 21 without going over. You can’t take another card after that.

Now, you’ll be able to slip into a chair at the Black Jack table with confidence.

What Happens When Casino Promotions & Security Departments Don’t Communicate

When Casino Promotions & Security Departments Don’t CommunicateCasinos often used promotional offers as a way of enticing players to come back to their establishments. What would happen when the promotions department does not consult with security before mailing these materials? This hypothetical situation came to fruition in a casino in America.

Persona Non Grata

Jackie Harrison was banned from the premises of the Horseshoe Casino in Ohio. Mr. Harrison became a tad bit too vocal in his protesting the manner the casino handled a previous matter. The result of this was that he was banned from the property.

The Post Office Gives

Imagine his chagrin when four weeks later he opens his mail to see vouchers for free plays from this same casino. Assuming that his banishment was repealed, he decided to again frequent the establishment to claim these offers.

Green for Go

Upon entering the casino, he goes to the customer service station. He informs them of the ban and show them his mail. He inquires about his status. After a background check, his name came back as clear. There were no red flags or black marks denoting that he could not play. The representative gave him a players card with the funds transferred onto it. Continue reading